The two of us

Jana and Andreas go on a romantic getaway that leads them directly to a marriage crisis.

Jana and Andreas are a married couple who suffer from stress due to work, caring for their two small children, and the rigors of daily life. On a whim, they decide to go on a weekend trip to the country to try to rekindle their relationship. On the way from Zurich to the south, Jana stumbles upon Ingrid, an old friend who is traveling by motorcycle. Jana, who is thirsty for adventure, convinces Ingrid to switch places with her. She takes the motorcycle and Ingrid rides in the car with Andreas. At first, Andreas is not thrilled about the arrangement but soon finds himself enjoying Ingrid’s company. As Jana and Andreas relationship is put to the test, their emotions become unhinged. They finally end up on a therapist’s couch, where they must once and for all confront their fears and needs, and figure out how to keep their love alive.




Barbara Kulcsar

Annina La Roche und Barbara Kulcsar

Orit Teply und Tobi Dengler

Christoph Menzi

Jan Illing

Balint Dobozi

Linda Olsansky
Thomas Douglas
Peter Jecklin
Ragna Guderian
Barbara Terpoorten
Sigfried Terpoorten

70 min


Frenetic Films

Zurich Film Award

Nominations Swiss Film Awards:
- Best Actress

Zurich Film Festival
Solothurner Filmtage
Hungarian Film Fest Los Angeles