When a convicted felon fails to return from his prison leave and a young woman is found murdered, forensic psychiatrist Roman Mettler finds himself fighting for his existence. It was him who had composed the report permitting the leave.


Roman Mettler (Martin Rapold) is an expert in forensic psychiatry. He leads an ordinary life, alongside his wife, a talented violinist, until one day a young female runner is found raped and murdered. Soon, the facts all point to the alleged killer being a felon on prison leave, the permit having been composed by Roman Mettler. The case makes a lot of noise and provokes the media. Roman is faced with hostility, even in his own home.


We catch them, you let them out again.“ - Also drawn into the case is Romans friend from college Linda Berger (Isabelle Barth), a policewoman and single mother. As part of her work she accompanies rejected asylum seekers back to their native countries on plane. Lindas daughter Seraina - a teenager at her peak - heavily criticizes her mother for this part of her job, accusing her of being morally numb and passive. After a repatriation escalates at the airport, Linda and Roman find themselves in the same boat, trying to figure out how their work can be valuable and helpful to society, seeing as their actions are able to create so much suffering. They rekindle a romantic connection buried along the years, their paths crossing again on many different levels.



Barbara Kulcsar

Natascha Beller

Tobias Dengler

Gion-Reto Killias

Jan Illing

Ephrem Lüchinger

Martin Rapold, Isabelle Barth, Hans-Caspar Gattiker, Luna Wedler, Lale Yavas, Martin Hug, Stefano Wenk


90 min

Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch

Best television film, awarded by the German Academy of the Performing Arts, Baden-Baden, 2017